Refining Face Cleanser - 75ml

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Introducing a new way to exfoliate. This dual cleanser and exfoliator purifies, hydrates and balances skin—while carefully decongesting and eliminating impurities with ultra-fine apricot granules. An unprecedented, multi-correctional solution for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Note from founder: We set out to create a cleanser that would have the perfect amount of physical exfoliation for daily use, even for sensitive skin. The ultra-fine exfoliating particles are safe to go down the drain unlike most physical exfoliants, and we use such a sparse amount in such a micro size that its much gentler than most common exfoliants. It's also 100% natural and sustainably grown and packaged.

Suitable for oily/combination, acne-prone, sensitive skins.

Key Benefits:

  • Decongests and detoxifies skin to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil.
  • Treats and prevents breakouts.
  • Fades dark spots and even texture.

✔ Cruelty free
✔ 100% organic
✔ Pregnancy safe
✔ Vegan

Made in Canada.

Size: 75ml

Blend a small amount with water and gently massage onto face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow up with Ritual Face Serum. Use once nightly for clearer, balanced skin.