Regeneration Face Mist-60ml

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A highly regenerative blend of nature's most healing botanicals. This essential mist works overtime to calm and invigorate skin. Alleviating inflammation, repairing damaged skin cells, drawing moisture to the skin, smoothing texture and tone, and boosting natural collagen production. Packed with efficacious antioxidants for skin's vitality and buoyancy, this organic mist was carefully blended for the most sensitive skin types. Use daily as a staple of your skin ritual and see the restorative effects of handselected, organic ingredients—and clearer, calmer, renewed skin.

Note from founder: A toner is essential to skin's hydration and balance—but we wanted to create one that did this and much more. We took the essential function of toners and built upon it. Starting with a base of hydrating botanicals, we added organics that would soothe sensitive or inflammed skin. A calming formula to ease and protect skin. From there, we started researching elements to not just forfity but also repair skin. That's when we discovered the regenerative properties of mushrooms—and we decided to grow them ourselves. We could cultivate botanicals that regenerate the skin, farming in a way that helps to regenerate the land. A cycle that is reparative to the Earth. We hope your skin thrives with this incredible formula, with some of the most efficacious botanicals I have discovered.

In the spirit of regeneration, a tree is planted for every bottle sold.

✔ Cruelty free
✔ 100% organic and natural
✔ Pregnancy safe
✔ Vegan 

Made in Canada. 

Size: 60ml

Spray gently across face and neck after cleansing. Use throughout the day as skin requires hydration or calm. For an extra anti-inflammatory effect, store in the fridge and spray cold.