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For skin with a radiance that evolves day by day. An intensive volumizing cream that helps to boost skin's natural plumpness. Formulated with Clé de Peau Beauté’s powerful Cushioning Plumpifier Complex, which works to support skin's inner network, the cream aids in recapturing lost fullness.* The cheek area becomes beautifully plumped - a hallmark of a youthful appearance - and the face regains desired dimension. A newfound radiance enhances the look of youthfulness.

Size: 50ml

Morning: Apply prior to sunscreen. Evening: Apply as final step in your skincare ritual. Lift the recommended amount of cream (the size of one pearl) with the accompanying spatula. Smooth the cream gently over the face. Place hands on each side of face, on the jawline. Starting on either side of the nose, push four fingers up to just beneath the cheekbone, lifting up the apples of the cheeks. Repeat two more times. Next, move to the middle of each side of face and repeat motion three times. Then move to the outermost side of face and repeat motion three times. Starting from the jawline, push upward toward the temple on both sides of face with the same four fingers. Repeat five more times.