The Time Reset Aqua W JUMBO - 300ml

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Aqua Presenter III uses three moisturising effects to ensure long-lasting hydration and aids the absorption of other skincare products. First, its 1,000 trillion fine moisturising molecules penetrate deep into the skin. Second, it triggers the skin's natural hydration production. Third, it creates a barrier to seal in moisture. Improves acne and other skin problems, controls oil, evens skin texture, and shrink pores, leaving skin soft, clear, and rich in moisture. Extremely hydrating with a clean, refreshing texture

Size: 300ml

After cleaning and toning, apply a small amount (around the size of an HKD 5 coin) to the face. Can also be applied using a cotton pad to decrease the potential chilly feeling of the lotion. Apply evenly to the face, then gently pat into the skin until it is fully absorbed. Use greater amounts around visible pores and areas of higher sebum production, such as a T-zone.