Hair Enhancer - 30 capsules

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Made in Japan

MYTHSCEUTICALS NMN HAIR ENHANCER can significantly enhance hair growth, and 99% high-purity NMN combined with longi extract is the key to promoting hair growth.

By expanding skin capillaries, increasing local blood supply, improving local microcirculation, strengthening hair nutrition, effectively shortening the resting period of hair, and restoring static hair follicles to life, thereby promoting hair growth and regeneration. Taking Jiapifangsu occurs, the length of hair growth increases; the number of hair follicles increases, which helps to promote hair growth.

Through Piper Longum Fruit Extract and 99% high-purity biological enzyme catalytic NMN, using HPMC acid-resistant vegetable capsules, the purity is not easy to decrease during the absorption process, the ingredients are easy to reach the intestine, the absorption is relatively high, and the NMN absorption efficiency is higher . Strengthen the thickness of collagen around the hair shaft and fix the hair in the scalp, prolong hair life, effectively reduce hair loss, help strengthen hair growth ability, and make hair grow stronger.

Taking "Jiapeifang Suhuan" has the following effects:

 Reduce hair loss
 Significantly accelerate hair growth
 Improve blood circulation, provide nutrients, activate hair follicles
 Improve hair growth cycle, shorten the time from telogen to growth phase, and promote hair growth
 Helps prevent hair loss and gray hair from appearing
 Stimulate the pigment cells to produce melanin, so that the hair can reproduce the natural pigment
 Promote collagen production
 Prevent scalp aging
 Improve scalp health
 Strengthen hair health

As a dietary suplement, adults take one to three capsules daily after meals.